Making a Difference

The 365 Partnership Council is a consortium of community organizations. We are committed to treating others with dignity and respect, supporting our local communities, and building health communities 365 days a year.

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CTSI’s Community PARTners Core

The 365 Partnership Councils are pleased to promote the CTSI’s Community PARTners Core, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, The New Pittsburgh Courier partnership, and UPMC Center for Engagement’s partnership. Together, they are committed to getting health topics, awareness, and resources to communities across our region.

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Dignity & Respect

Making the world a better place to live—with all of our differences. Learn more:

Dignity & Respect Campaign Erie Dignity & Respect Campaign Greater Pittsburgh

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In the ever-changing world of health care, community partnerships help organizations and meet the diverse needs of our communities. Workin together, we can provide relevant health awareness and access to health living programs. Both are fundamental to building healthy communities.

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